5 Healthy Manila Restaurants To Visit For Dinner This Valentine's Day

Feb 13, 2017

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow we thought it would be fun to do something a little different for Motivation Monday.

Since it can be hard to stick to your diet plan on holidays or while eating out with the one you love we thought we’d give you a little motivation to eat healthy with your date and significant other this year.

So without further ado here’s a list of 5 healthy, fun, and classy restaurants to take your date for Valentine’s Day this year. Give one, or all, a try and let us know what you think!

1. The Wholesome Table

If you’re looking for a restaurant with great food and atmosphere then The Wholesome Table is a great option.

Their menu has vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free options to accommodate even the pickiest of eaters and with such a wide selection they should have something to please everyone. We recommend the vegan cheese appetizer to start with and a power bowl for a main course.

Their prices are very reasonable, dinner for two with an appetizer and dessert should be under Php 1500.

We highly recommend calling for reservations though. The Wholesome Table can fill up quickly, especially on a holiday. Visit them at one of three locations in BGC, Salcedo Village, or Estancia.

2. The Farm Organics

The Farm is another healthy restaurant with great food and a lively atmosphere. Non-vegetarians love The Farm for their organic beef which is known for being the only certified organic, grass-fed beef in the Philippines.

While there are many benefits to following a plant-based diet, if you are going to eat meat we highly recommend organic beef which has been sourced locally at it’s not only better for you but better for the planet as well. For those following a plant-based diet we recommend the mushroom salad and their tomato soup.

With multiple locations in the metro you should be able to find a convenient location to take your date for Valentine’s Day.

3. Susi

For those on a strict, plant-based diet Susi might be your best bet as they have a mouth-watering menu that will make you forget that you’re not eating meat.

Located in Burgos Circle, Susi is a classy restaurant in a vibrant part of town, perfect for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.

With reasonable prices and great service we highly recommend Susi for the health conscious couple that doesn’t want to have any regrets after a night on the town.

Try their raw lasagna for a yummy (and healthy) alternative to traditional lasagna. Remember, the only have 1 location and space is limited so we recommend calling for reservations.

4. Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl is relatively new compared to the others in this list but you sure can’t tell.

Their menu is fresh and a nice change from other restaurants we’ve been to. Located in Alabang, Salad Bowl is a great option for those wanting to spend a romantic night in the south.

The restaurant is in a cute space and the staff is friendly so it will make for a fun dining experience. Try the zucchini fettuccine for a health alternative to traditional pasta which can load you up on carbs.

5. Green Pastures

Green pastures is another great option for diners looking for a restaurant that serves organic food with vegan and vegetarian options.

With 3 locations in metro Manila and many options to choose from Green Pastures is a great option for vegetarian and meat eaters alike.

Their yummy food served in a casual environment is a great option for a laid back night out on Valentine’s Day with your loved on.

Check out their roast organic chicken for a low carb option or their mango poke bowl for a tasty twist on the traditional poke bowl.



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