An Introduction To The Benefits Of Crystal Healing

Apr 26, 2017

 Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has believed in the healing power of nature. The people of ancient societies believed that everything had energy and a spirit, and that some spirits were helpful and some were harmful. They even found that on occasion, they could invoke the helpful ones when they were needed through prayer and the reverent use of their physical manifestations.

Through the ages, these beliefs were refined. As people studied how to create positive change in their environment and themselves, they found that there were certain items that resonated with the divine energies that caused positive change. Crystals were one of these items, and slowly, people learned to incorporate them into healing rituals.

Although it has fallen out of practice with the rise of scientific methods and modern medicine, there are still those who swear that crystals hold the key to creating harmony within themselves and with the universe they live in. 

Are crystals gems?

All gems are crystals, but for the purposes of healing, not all crystals are gems. When you think of crystals, the first image in your mind is a highly polished transparent stone that has facets to reflect the light, that’s actually a gem.

Gems, also called jewels or gemstones, are rare precious or semi-precious stones that are polished and faceted to be placed in jewelry or appreciated for their beauty alone. Crystals, on the other hand, may be common and easier to find, but they don’t usually have a market value like gemstones do.

Crystals are any pure, solid substance that has a rigid, orderly, and repeating arrangement of atoms and molecules. This creates their characteristic internal structure made up of enclosed, symmetrically arranged plane surfaces, intersecting at definite angles.

They’re much like ice that way, frozen in a beautiful lattice. In fact, the word “crystal” comes from the Greek word krýstallos, which means “clear ice/rock crystal”, which is in turn derived from “krystaínein”, meaning “to freeze.”

For the purpose of healing, not all crystals used are actually stones sourced from the earth. 

Amber, for example, is organic matter that was crystallized through the passing of time. Pearls are not stones, either, but layers of organic matter arranged over a single item, usually a speck of sand, yet both are used in the practice of crystal healing, and borrow the term loosely.  

What is crystal healing?

As we mentioned, crystal healing is an alternative medical technique which makes use of crystals and other stones to promote health as well as cure illness and disease. This includes either slowing down or curing a disease, encouraging and providing the means for the body to heal itself, or preventing illness in the first place. Practitioners and believers of crystal healing believe that the gems act as conductors of positive, healing energy, and as a means to draw out the disease in the form of negative energy. 

The belief is rooted in practices thousands of years old. Some 6,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians practiced the art of healing with crystals, while other civilizations, such as the Aztecs, ancient Chinese, and the Incas, also revered certain stones and believed that they held magical powers.

The philosophy of modern crystal healing, however, is more aligned with traditional concepts of Asian cultures, particularly the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras. In this sense, it shares many beliefs with other energy and chakra based beliefs and healing traditions, particularly ayurvedic medicine and Reiki.

During a traditional healing session, a practitioner may place crystals at specific points on a patient’s body. Sometimes it’s where the problem is located, and at others it’s at the chakra points believed to be the root of the problem. They do this to encourage the flow of positive energy into the body and push negative energy out. 

What can crystals cure?

Crystal healing is mostly used for emotional and spiritual healing. It is credited for helping with grief, coming to terms with loss, relieving depression, creating clarity when the person in question is going through tough or confusing times, and generally helping with mood swings.

Spiritually, a few benefits which crystals are credited for opening one’s mind to the universe in a greater sense, attuning you to the universe, and helping you to be more sensitive to the energy of others.

Their physical and physiological benefits are hotly debated. However, crystals have been linked to curing and preventing everything from migraines to blood poisoning and cancer. Some people even use them to help with weight loss, specifically because certain crystals are said to suppress obsessive behavior and appetite. 

Can you use crystal healing on yourself?

Unlike modern medicine, crystal healing is not the exclusive domain of recognized healers. For one thing, there is no overdosing on crystals, and they cannot actively harm you (other than by being exceptionally expensive, as in the case of very rare crystals). So technically, there is no harm in self-medicating when it comes to this form of traditional medicine.

There are many websites, classes, books, and discussion groups that deal with how you can harness the power of crystals for yourself. We recommend that you consume the information available with both an open mind and a grain of salt. As we said before, there is no replacement for the opinion (or several opinions) of a medical professional.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving crystal healing a try. Most Filipinos will indulge in jade and similar lucky charms.


The practice of crystal healing is thousands of years old, and has its roots in Egyptian and Asian traditions. More specifically, it shares a lot of beliefs with Ayurvedic medicine and Reiki healing from India, and the traditional Chinese medicinal practices that involve the body’s source of energy, or chi. 

Crystal healing has experienced a surge of popularity among modern patients. Some people have even taken to self-healing with them. While used mostly for spiritual and emotional healing, healers and private practitioners claim that some physical conditions have been helped by crystals. 

We believe that while crystal healing has its merits, it is always best to consult with a licensed medical practitioner. After all, no matter how effective traditional medicine can be, modern medicine provides for precise testing and diagnosis, as well as more reliable healing methods.  

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