8 Facebook Pages To Follow For Healthy Recipe Ideas

Dec 05, 2016

This week for Motivation Monday we thought we’d do something a little different.

To give you some motivation to eat healthy we thought we’d put together a big list of the best Facebook pages for healthy recipe ideas. This way you always have inspiration to help you and your family eat well.

So what are you waiting for? Visit each page and be sure to hit the “Like” button so you never miss out on a great recipe idea!

1. The Buddhist Chef 

The Buddhist Chef is one of our favorite Facebook pages, and with over 320,000 page likes at the time of this writing it’s obvious that lots of people love their page too.

The Buddhist Chef page promotes vegan and cruelty free recipe ideas and everything is presented in simple and quick videos that anyone can do at home.

2. Skinnytaste

If you visit the Skinnytaste facebook page there’s a good chance that one of your friends already likes it. This page already has over 3 million “Likes” from other smart Facebook users who are looking for healthy recipe ideas too.

They vary between videos and detailed recipes with calorie counts on their page and with how often they post new recipes you should have plenty of ideas to keep your refrigerator full each week.

3. Propertasty

The Proper Tasty Facebook page is full of professionally made videos that will make your mouth water.

Their page has over 14 million likes so you know they’re doing something right. Whether you’re looking for dessert ideas or a dinner for the whole family you’ll find some great ideas for healthy recipes on their page. 

Pro tip: Pick up their recipe book full of 49 recipes which you can customize to match your preferences.

4. Bosh

The Bosh Facebook page is another great resource for those who want plant based recipe ideas.

Their page has over half a million “Likes” from other smart Facebook users who want ideas for healthy recipes for themselves and their family.

What we love about their page is they post all of their recipes in professionally made videos so you can easily so how it’s done while you follow along.

5. Plant Based On A Budget

The Plant Based On A Budget Facebook page is a great page for those who want plant based recipe ideas, but with a twist.

All of their recipe ideas are meant to be affordable so you can’t use price as an excuse not to eat a plant based diet.

Make sure to “Like” their page to get great recipe ideas in your Facebook news feed daily and kickstart your healthy lifestyle.

6. Cooking Light

With over 6 million page “Likes”, the Cooking Light Facebook page is one of the most popular pages in our list and it’s easy to see why.

Their page is packed with great ideas and recipes that appeal to all tastes and their posts are a nice mix of professionally made videos and detailed recipes.

Don’t forget to “Like” their page if you want some awesome recipe ideas in your news feed.

7. Hungry Girl

They Hungry Girl Facebook page has nearly 1.5 million “Likes” and it’s easy to see why. 

Their page is full of fun recipe ideas and tips about how to live a healthy lifestyle...kind of like the MyZenda Facebook page :)

Their page is packed with videos of recipes about nearly everything you can imagine so you’ll always have new ideas to keep your meals new and exciting.

8. Whole New Mom

The Whole New Mom is another one of our favorites because of its message. It was created by a mom who started the page based on her experience from creating whole food meals for her family while keeping a tight budget.

Their page promotes recipes for those on special diets, especially sugar and gluten free recipes.

Don’t forget to add the Whole New Mom to your list of pages that you like and get great ideas to help you meet your health goals.



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