5 Must Try Facial Treatments In Manila

May 02, 2017

Having glowing and beautiful skin is seldom accidental. While genetics is part of it, most of the time it is a result of the amount of effort you put into caring for your skin. Developing a ritual that involves simple steps will help you achieve and maintain good skin.

One way to do this is to stay properly hydrated. Proper hydration is not only good for the body, but it does wonders for your skin as well. Another rule that should not be overlooked is the use of facial sunscreen

But there is one step that we often forget. Like an automobile, our skin is in need of periodic maintenance too. A monthly visit to your favorite facial care center is a must to slough off dead skin and clean your pores of impurities. The relaxation from the facial massage is a big bonus too. 

If you don’t have a favorite facial care center yet, here is a list of our top picks to help bring a glow back to your face.

1. The Spa

The pioneer in spa treatments in the country, The Spa has been pampering Filipinos since 1996. When one speaks of indulgence, a treatment at The Spa always comes to mind. What’s not quite known to many is that The Spa is also an excellent choice for facial care. They have dermatologists in their locations and well-trained aestheticians.

For the ultimate in pampering, a must-try is The Spa Signature Age Defense Treatment. It is the Rolls Royce of facial care as it makes use of effective anti-aging ingredients such as pure caviar, pearl and phyto extracts. The 60-minute treatment instantly rejuvenates your skin and relaxes your whole being. 

The ambiance really sets the tone for an unforgettable relaxing experience. However, if price is an issue you can always choose more basic treatments and still enjoy the facilities and ambiance of The Spa. 

2. Dermstrata

Established in 1999 by leading dermatologist Dr. Winnie Rodriguez, Dermstrata is a popular chain of facial care centers with over 40 branches in Metro Manila and the provinces. Located in many popular malls, it makes squeezing in 60 minutes of me-time for a busy mom super easy.  

Visiting Dermstrata assures you of medical-grade treatments. Your aestheticians are trained to prick and extract blackheads and whiteheads and they have a light touch which is important in these types of treatments.

Try their Facial Cooler Treatments which feel as good as they sound, especially during the summer season! Also check out their Caribbean Splash which is a super refreshing facial treatment that makes use of fruit acids that are gently massaged into the skin to aid in lightening your skin.

3. Bench/Skin Expert

Bench has come a long way from just selling t-shirts in the late 80’s. Now they are a famous lifestyle brand with facial care centers. 

Affordable and fast, Bench/Skin Expert offers their “Express Facial” which they also call “Lunch Break” facials. They take only 15-20 minutes only and are designed to give a really basic treatment which includes cleansing, extraction, and toning and are designed for the busy professional who needs to squeeze basic facial care into their schedule.

If you have a bit more time, the “Vital “C” Contour Facial” will surely work wonders on dry, dull or mature skin. It includes the usual procedure of cleansing, extraction, and exfoliation but what makes it totally unique is that it makes use of Vitamin C serum which comes highly recommended by dermatologists.

All Bench locations use specially formulated products to be used by their Bench/Skin Experts. 

For Bench fans (and there a huge number of them), having a Bench facial center is great news, so check out their website to find a location near you!

4. Guinot

Pronounced as “gee-no”, Guinot is a French brand that is known for its skin care products all around the world. It was founded by chemist Rene Guinot some 40 years ago. 

Their complete line of beauty products takes care of three specific categories, which are the face, the body and sun care. 

Like all other facial treatments, Guinot’s takes an hour to complete. One major difference between other facial treatments is they do not use a facial vacuum that’s suppose to aid in drawing out the skin’s impurities. Instead, they use the patented technology revolutionized by Mr. Guinot known as Hydradermie Treatment. It is a process that involves the use of two ionization wands instead. 

This prepares the skin to be more receptive to their products when applied to your skin. 

The French are known for their beauty products and there is a connotation that French products are more aspirational than affordable. Fortunately Guinot’s facial treatment is more affordable than you think. 

The menu of services is not readily available on the internet or even when you visit their store but you can call for an appointment and say that you would like to try their basic facial cleaning service which is just P1,100. Not bad for a French brand! Add P700 and they will include your neck and your decolletage too!

5. VMV Hypoallergenics 

Not to be outdone by foreign brands, VMV Hypoallergenics is an all-Filipino brand with branches in many parts of the world. 

Famous for its effective line of skin care products and makeup, they have a few facial centers tucked within their mall stores that offer basic skin care services to help you get squeaky clean faces. Their “Classic Superskin Customized Facial” is a good treatment to have regularly.

Since they use their own products, you may continue to enjoy the benefits of the treatment by buying them to use at home..

We recommend calling for an appointment as they only have small amount of treatment areas in Manila.


Going to a facial care center regularly is an affordable luxury that we should allow ourselves to experience every now and then. The treatment from cleansing to exfoliation is the basic expectation, but the relaxation after the treatment is the added bonus!

When you take care of your skin, people will notice and having glowing, clean skin will make you feel good too.

So, check out one of these highly recommended facial care centers and bask in the benefits of healthy glowing skin!

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