6 Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer

Mar 15, 2017

Have you ever decided to change your lifestyle for the better? Have you stuck with those changes? Most of us find the first question much easier to answer than the second.

This is where personal trainers come in. Personal trainers are fitness professionals, trained and certified to provide and instruct prescribed exercises to clients depending on their needs.

Anyone at any fitness level can use a personal trainer at some point for either technical instruction or motivational support. 

Here are some benefits you can expect when getting a trainer.

1. You are constantly guided through any changes that may happen in your life

It’s normal for people to quit their exercise routine from time to time. It might be because of taking on more responsibilities at work, giving birth to a new child, or moving into a new home. You might even have fitness-related reasons such as reaching a plateau, getting injured, or just being physically exhausted.

The easiest solution for most is to stop working out. However, there are a lot of solutions that a personal trainer can suggest instead of completely stopping your workout and wasting all of your progress.

They can provide exercise routines for you to follow by video trainings when you can’t make it into the gym. They can give you more intense workouts in shorter periods of time if you become busy. They can also provide exercises that help you strengthen your skills in a new sport you’re trying something new.

You can rest assured that a personal trainer will always keep your fitness goals and progress in line with other aspects of your life. You just need to keep them updated as well.

2. Your safety is their main concern

There are organizations that certify personal trainers. These include the American Council on Exercise, National Academy for Sports Medicine, and the American College of Sports Medicine to name a top few.

These institutions might have some differences in how they teach principles on exercise but all of them put client safety at a premium. This includes having knowledge of basic life support and first-aid.

A good personal trainer also knows how to keep you safe from injuries or excessive strain by knowing your history of physical activity and current health status. Young people, pregnant women, and elderly clients are treated with special consideration.

Certain assessments are also done to test mobility and flexibility before starting with any exercises. This is because muscle tightness or weakness, as well as joint and bone degeneration will affect your exercise program.

3. They motivate you to push and overcome your limits

Do you at times feel bad about your fitness, but then end up relaxing while eating in front of the television? Or even just sleep it off?

Your brain is programmed to find comfortable solutions. That explains why we seek comfort food or treat ourselves to a shopping spree or a spa day whenever we feel down. 

It also loves repetition. What you constantly choose becomes programmed as the safer and easier choice. This is why the first few weeks of a new morning routine is toughest and gets easier as you go.

Having someone to be tough with you when it comes to at least showing up can help you form a healthy routine. Let’s not forget the motivational coaching your trainer will provide during the exercise as well.

Working out is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical exercise. When working out alone it’s easy to convince yourself that you’ve trained enough to stop at the first sign of exhaustion.

However, progress is achieved when you keep on the exercise after you’ve reached your perceived maximum. Having a trainer will push you to put in more repetitions even after you quit on yourself.

4. You learn proper techniques of exercise

A lot of apps and videos online can give a set of exercises and show you how to do them. You might learn squats or deadlifts from a video but might still be doing the exercise incorrectly.

When we do this, we could be repeatedly putting strain on parts of the body that shouldn’t even be carrying that much weight, or stretched that far.

Personal trainers teach you the proper posture and proper stance you need to keep while working out. This is to protect your spine, as well as your weaker muscles from injury.

Learning the proper technique also ensures exercise effectivity. Firing up the proper muscle groups needed for an exercise helps you workout the targeted muscles better as there is less unnecessary muscle involvement.

5. Your workout is customized according to your needs

The problem with a video workout you find online is that there are thousands of them but none were specifically designed for you.

Additionally, you might tend to choose video workouts that you are already familiar with. This habituates your body to this routine which would be easier and less effective for the involved muscles after some time.

Having a personal trainer allows you to have routines that work for your current lifestyle needs. It also gives you the proper workout which is both safe and challenging for your level.

Your trainer can plan your progress while also changing up your workout style from time to time to ensure that you grow in strength and fitness.

6. They generally are a good influence on your lifestyle

Choosing to change your lifestyle for the better requires you to also change your environment. This includes adding or removing positive and negative influences around you.

Examples of this are hanging out less with people whose lifestyle choices are opposite yours and adding better influencers in your circle of friends. It could also mean choosing a personal trainer with admirable lifestyle choices as well.

Having a personal trainer gives you someone to emulate and observe. It would be easier to keep our minds on how fit we would like to get if we regularly see someone who is at the level we want to be.

They are knowledgeable not only with exercise but also with strategies on how you can adopt other simple changes like adding a serving of vegetables to your diet, or even buying proper training shoes.

You can also ask them any questions you have about developing a healthier lifestyle as they might have valuable insight for you.


Investing in a personal trainer allows you to progress more towards reaching your fitness goals as they ensure your safety and motivate you to push yourself harder when you exercise. You can also be comfortable knowing that your workouts are suited to your needs.

Personal trainers can also be a positive influence as you adopt a healthier lifestyle as they can be a source of information for you as well as someone who encourages you to pick up healthy habits.

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