Apps For Meditation: Our Top Picks

Dec 08, 2016

The world is moving faster than ever nowadays. With all the responsibilities on your shoulders and the countless issues that need to be addressed, the spike in stress levels could have a serious effect on your health and mind. 

Our phones can feel like they amplify our daily stress, with everything just a couple of taps away, but it is the same smartphone, the one that fuels everyone’s internet addiction, that can actually offer some respite from all the digital clutter. 

Guided meditation apps have been developed to help us through those hectic days. They talk you through focal points, often starting with your breathing, moving toward releasing tension in your body, to visualize safe and calming places, and then drawing your attention to the present moment.

Here are a few meditation apps you can download so you can get the assistance you need to meditate anywhere.


Headspace teaches you the basics of mediation. Their level one course highlights easy, 10-minute daily sessions. The objective is to get you into the habit of meditating regularly. You can choose to focus on aspects like performance, health and foundation.

It also has a buddy system feature, where you and a friend can encourage one another on your journey, as well as a personalized progress page to track your development.

You can purchase a subscription once you’ve mastered level one. From there, you gain access to even more features and options to expand your practice are available.


Calm will teach you a little every day to become more relaxed and mindful. If your schedule is tight and have only have a few minutes to spare, just open the app and look at the selection of calm scenes that are accompanied by relaxing nature sounds. This is a great option if you need to take a minute while at work. 

For those with more time, the app offers a free 7-day, 10-minute guided course to help you stay more calm throughout the week.

After the free trial period, the available sessions include a 21-day program for general well being, and a week-long series focusing on helping you get better sleep. There are also individual sessions lasting between 2 and 20 minutes, and “unguided” sessions using music and nature sounds.


This is one of the few meditation apps that you pay for entirely, with no in-app purchases. Buddhify is a mindfulness and meditation app that is built around you. 

It is very user-friendly, and contains custom recordings for 15 possible scenarios from your day: from waking up or taking a work break to feeling stressed, dealing with difficult emotions and struggling to get to sleep. With 80 different guided tracks, there are definitely quite a few that will suit you.


Omvana boasts of a large collection of recordings that focus on mindfulness, stress, relaxation, sleep, and more. You can choose the length of each meditation session, from 3 minutes to an hour. The app comes with 5 or 6 free guided meditations that you can turn on anytime. You can replay those as many times as you want, or buy different ones from the Omvana Store.

Among its unique features this app has is the background music mixer. This allows you to mix your music and create the perfect sessions depending on your needs. Omvana also connects to HealthKit, (If you use an iPhone, it’s one of the default apps with the pink heart logo) that will recommend a meditation track tailored to you based on your health metrics data in HealthKit.


Smiling Mind is a not-for-profit organization that aims to make mindfulness meditation accessible to as many people as possible. It is slightly different from the other apps available out there, as this was originally designed for children and teens but adults are more than welcome just the same.

Its programs are divided by age, starting at 7-11 years, when children show signs of struggling with their emotions. This could be very helpful, coupled with whatever other methods you and they are using. 

The app is clear, easy to use and completely free of charge. It’s really great for the whole family and has sessions for any age group.


The Mindfulness App is a great tool for both beginners and advanced meditation. In this app you create your own guided quiet time by customizing the length and the kind of meditation you prefer for that day. It has a handy reminder function, to help maintain your practice throughout your day.

Being one of the most accessible apps, it offers a decent collection of meditation tracks with and without narrators, ranging from 3 to 30 minutes long. As with Headspace and Calm they offer a free introductory course to get you up and running.


We all need some form of respite from the fast-paced world we live in. We tend to ignore the need to slow down and relax because we are always trying to keep up with everything that’s happening around us. 

Meditation apps on smartphones are a great option. With them you can refocus and recharge anytime, even during those pockets of time in between appointments and errands. 

Sparing as little as 3 minutes is enough to rejuvenate your mind and body. If you care enough to do the best you can and become the best versions of yourself, you must make time.



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