A Beginner's Guide To Pinterest Marketing

Apr 10, 2017

The 150 million monthly active users on Pinterest is not something marketers should ignore. In fact, Pinterest has increased its monthly active user base by 50% since 2015, making it a very good marketing channel.

Pinterest works a little differently than other social media sites. The idea isn’t to broadcast images or ideas to followers, but to save ideas, products or content for later. For health & wellness businesses looking to promote their products and services, Pinterest is a great social media network.

Pinterest displays content differently than other social media channels, so that users can find your content organically. 

Whether they’re following you or not, users can view your pins in 4 ways:

  • By searching for a keyword relevant to your pin
  • On their own feed, if they follow you or the pins are relevant to their interests
  • Under relevant categories
  • On your profile, under themed/categorized boards

Research has shown that huge amounts of Pinterest users actually use the platform to research before making purchasing decisions, and with many of them buying something they’ve found on the site.

Unlike a personal Pinterest account, there are a number of significant differences when using Pinterest for your health & wellness business. 

Create your business account

You can create your business account by clicking the option at the bottom of the sign in box “Continue as a Business.”

Next, fill out the required fields by entering your business name, the type of business, and your website address.

Then pick out 5 topics that interest you. Make your selection based on what’s relevant to your business and use this to promote content.

Once your account is created, your homepage will look like this:

Set up your profile

As soon as you’ve created a business account, the next step is to set up your profile by clicking on the icon in the upper right-hand corner. Choose “Settings” from the drop down menu.

Fill out all of the information here. Provide as much information as you can because users will see this, and the more information, the better. Use your logo as a profile image or choose one that best represents your brand. 

Make sure to confirm your website so users can visit it to learn more about your brand. Fill out your profile completely to give your followers a good idea of your brand and personality.

Set up your boards

Give your board a name that is relevant to your brand and be sure to use keywords in your profile description that will help others find your content, and add an attractive cover image that represents your health & wellness business.

Keep in mind that users have the option of following just a few chosen boards, and they will expect a steady flow of pins to that board. So, it’s best to be pinning content to your boards daily.

Create boards that reflect who you are and what you’re all about

On Pinterest, you share your pins on your boards, which is why you should name your boards in a unique way. Make them eye-catching, keyword rich, and content specific. Take into consideration what your audience cares about and combine it with what you want to say.

Here are a few tips to help get you started to pinning on Pinterest:

Have a good mix of pins

If you only pin from your own website, you will eventually turn your followers off. Pin content from other sources to give variety to your boards. 

Make your descriptions compelling and irresistible

Each and every pin should have a description that tells users more about your pin. Although it’s good practice to add links to a direct site in your descriptions, make sure you don’t push a sale too hard and over promote.

Add the Pinterest widget on your site

Make it easy for visitors to share your content on Pinterest by adding the “Save” button to your site.

Put relevant boards on top

Depending on the time of year, if you’ve created seasonal boards for every holiday, those should be at the top of your page. This way users will see your most engaging boards.

When using Pinterest for marketing, here our best marketing tips to help boost sales and traffic:

Use Rich Pins

When you apply for Rich Pins, you provide extra information within the pin itself. There are 4 types of Rich Pins:

  • App Pins - These show an install button for people to download your app without leaving Pinterest.
  • Product Pins - For shopping convenience, with up-to-date information regarding pricing and stock availability.
  • Recipe Pins - Actual recipe information to help food enthusiasts gather all the information they need in one pin.
  • Article Pins - These show a headline, author and story description. Pinners can save these stories and refer to them over and over.

Promoted Pins

Significantly improve your reach by putting your pins in front of customers who are ready to buy. These work like regular Pins, but are visible to more people for a fee.

Promoted Pins don’t come off as being salesy. They are ads that look and feel natural, and they don’t distract or interrupt other Pinners. They simply help people find what they’re looking for.

Make Pinterest a priority

Business owners go through the motions of setting up their Pinterest accounts, only to be eventually neglected. Make use of the many social media tools available to help you manage and schedule your pins and posts on Pinterest and other social media platforms. 


Pinterest is an important tool for marketers because it provides an enormous potential opportunity for increased sales. With over 150 million users and growing, Pinterest has definitely left its mark in social media circles, proving itself an excellent source of traffic for health & wellness businesses.

Being image-based, the core of Pinterest is incredibly positive. Your health & wellness business should ride on this momentum and pin your way to better customer engagement and to promoting your brand. 

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